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"Knowledge is the winning strategy, you have to trust"

“Knowledge is the winning strategy, you have to trust”

Pavia. Science remains the only winning strategy against epidemics. And I’m not just referring to who Covid is.” In a lecture on Sunday, attended by President Sergio Mattarella and the academic community gathered in Theresienstadt, Professor Rafael Bruno – Professor of Infectious Diseases – will highlight how, also considering the recent past marked by SARS and MERS, H1N1, “there are no Other valid paths to follow if not science.Thus, the result of joint actions and synergistic processes led, in the case of Covid, but not only, to the creation of new therapeutic strategies and vaccines.Everything was possible thanks to the principle of cooperation between public and private scientific institutions, governments and investors. Diseases in general and epidemics in particular cannot be systematically combated, just rediscovering the concept of the common good.”

At the San Mateo Department of Infectious Diseases, the front lines are getting hot again after hospital patients jump from 5 to 22 weeks old. He preferred to wait after summer vacation so it wouldn’t spoil the summer to make a call in August,” says the clinic manager.

However, will the exposure of many specialists by the professor to the media, and not always by agreement, contribute to a distrust of science?

“No doubt. I think it is appropriate to speak only when there is really something to communicate with. The same goes for those who collect and disseminate information. There may also be a lack of one-on-one communication, but after all, everyone drinks from the source they feel It’s more appropriate: “I think mistrust is still the problem of our time.”

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By what logic?

“The information epidemic, the uncontrolled dissemination of often unfounded news, has had a huge impact and continues to transmit incorrect information. An incredible short circuit has been created. But it is the duty of experts to communicate.”

It seems that it is not always an easy task.

“It really is one of the hardest things. Modify your speech so that it is understandable to as many people as possible. This is also true in university, when there is a class. It is no coincidence that a program like Quark, which conveys important concepts in a simple but qualified way, It was successful for forty years.”