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Know if you will receive

Know if you will receive

The epidemic has greatly affected everyone, not only on their health, but also on the financial front, and on the two salaries that can be paid in Fertilizer The PIS / PASEP 2022 salary will help the Brazilian workers a lot.

That’s right, professionals who worked under formal contract in 2020 and 2021 will be entitled to a maximum of two salaries in the 2022 salary bonus. We’ll explain how the payments work.

Proceed with the following topics and find out who is entitled to receive up to the minimum wage as PIS/PASEP 2022 salary bonus and why. Inform yourself!

Will workers get additional wages?

Professionals who formally worked during 2020 were supposed to be paid the stipend this year, but ended up being held back.

The PIS / PASEP salary bonus will be paid to employees who have exercised official activity in 2021 in 2022.

Therefore, there will be two payments in 2022, the salary premium payment in 2020 and the payment in 2021. Citizens who worked in 2020 and 2021 are entitled to a minimum wage with an updated value.

The value of the allowance for 2022

The estimated value is that the minimum wage in 2022 will be R$1,210, so a citizen who worked every month in 2020 and every month in 2021 will get R$2,420.

It is noteworthy that the allowance is commensurate with the months of work.

In other words, if you worked 3 months in 2021, you would receive 3/12 of the allowance, and the same happens in 2020. To receive both the full payment, you must have worked for two full years.

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Who is entitled to a salary bonus?

The requirements for the double salary bonus are that you have worked with an official contract in 2020 and 2021 and meet the following rules:

  • Be registered for at least 5 years in PIS/PASEP;
  • received from the employer of a legal entity an average wage up to the minimum wage for the period of work in the base year;
  • Worked on a formal contract for at least 30 days in the base year;
  • Be on the RAIS (Annual List of Social Information) relevant to the base year.


for the worker to receive Fertilizer The 2022 salary must follow the requirements outlined above, and the amount will depend on the number of months he worked with an official contract in 2020 and 2021.

The payment is proportional to the months of work, do not forget.