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Know how many and which ones

Know how many and which ones

Recently, two Amazons have performed well in two beauty contests: Leticia Fruta, who has just been elected Miss Brazil World; And Rebecca Portillo, the runner-up for Miss Universe in Brazil. However, many people may think that it has to do with multiple failures in one beauty pageant, which is not true. All over the world, there are many perks to these competitions, and BEM VIVER has prepared a guide to help you understand the most important of them today.

Fabio Luis de Paula, journalist specializing in beauty pageants and head of the column “From Belt to Crown”, in Folha de São Paulo, explained how the six most relevant acts, such as Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Earth Miss Grand International and Miss supranational.

In order for a candidate to make it to a major beauty pageant, she must be elected to a beauty contest in her city, then in the state, and later, to win the national contest. In only a few cases, candidates are elected by nomination.

It is the oldest beauty pageant on the planet. Created in 1951, it is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. On average, more than 100 candidates participate each year, and only one Brazilian won the title, in 1971, with Carioca Lucia Petrel.

The winner of the Miss World title, for a period of one year, became the face and voice of the Miss World Organization, through the front of “Beauty with a Purpose”.

Based in the United States, Miss Universe is very popular in Asia and the Americas. Founded in 1952, it is the second oldest hotel in the world. Two women won the title, respectively, in 1963 and 1968. On average, the event receives between 70 and 90 candidates each year.

Fabio reports that Miss Universe primarily disseminates feminine strength and a woman’s self-esteem, through her motto “beautiful with confidence”.

“The winner must also support social causes, but not as strongly as in Miss World. She has also become the face and voice of the organization, living during her tenure in New York (USA).

The most traditional headquarters of all is located in Japan and aims to promote cultural union between countries. It was created in 1960, and has remained in the same shape ever since.

“For a few decades, the winner has had the same model of gown and tiara on stage. There are an average of 80 nominees each year. The winner is considered a kind of goodwill ambassador. One of the social initiatives of the competition is to raise funds for UNICEF in Japan and around the world,” highlights Fabio.

“The winner does not necessarily live in the Philippines, but becomes the face of the contest organization and environmental projects. Miss also begins to promote eco-tourism in countries. He stressed that the judgment is not as strong as in other competitions.

The pageant was established in 2013, but it is a powerful force among beauty queens today. Fábio explains that Miss Grand has a show format that resembles the fashion brand’s “Victoria’s Secret” events. Headquartered in Thailand, it receives 70 candidates annually. There has been no Brazilian winner in the competition yet.

The hero, during her reign, lives in Thailand; And she won a cash prize that was in the last issue 60 thousand dollars. According to Fábio, the Miss Grand aims to become the main event on the planet.

Headquartered in Poland and established in 2009, it is the only one of the six largest European companies, very luxurious and error-seeking with more sophisticated features. On average, 60 candidates go each year.

According to Fábio, the central proposal is to find an influential beauty queen, who has a global beauty profile, and above all suits European taste.