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Kleina cites the "details" in the derby defeat and says: "I want to remove this negativity from the bridge" |  black bridge

Kleina cites the “details” in the derby defeat and says: “I want to remove this negativity from the bridge” | black bridge

The coach lamented the negative result, but did not see the opponent’s superiority. For him, the “detail” defined Saturday night’s duel in a golden earring.

– We’re getting a bad result for details. We swayed, like any position. I do not see the superiority of the opponent. It could be a result of equality, for me it would have a greater advantage. We had the ball, we tried to be aggressive. It’s about raising the morale of the players and working. It’s an arduous process. The first win will give confidence to start the tournament.

Gilson Kleina during the 200 derby – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

On Macaca’s status in Serie B, Kleina spoke of “taking the negativity out of Ponte” and refused to acknowledge that the team’s reality in the competition is only to avoid relegation:

– If we don’t believe, we have to leave. We believe in action and conviction. We need to evaluate game by game. No point in talking about access. I don’t think Ponte will stay in this tournament either. You’re going to get out of this situation, and I want you to come out strong. Today everyone is sorry. But I am sure that I will restore the morale of these players, and restore the confidence of the fans. We will give a positive response on Tuesday. I want to get rid of this negativity inside the bridge, I want to create a favorable environment, so that all currents are positive, with a strong locker room. I’ve always tested the bridge this way.

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It’s bad for everyone, but we have the strength and the conviction that the bridge will come out of this.

– Gilson Klein

The coach also commented on the new game system change. After picking three defenders against Cruzeiro, midweek, he returned to acting in a 4-3-3.

– The time we had to prepare for this match was very short. I understand the triple backend is one we will continue to work on, but it needs some tweaks. We were safe in the first half against Cruzeiro, but we weren’t aggressive. Since we weren’t able to train, and the players were exhausted, as well as debuting, like Rodrigão, we chose to go back to the quadruple streak to try and fit in with Guarani’s style. Moreover, we tried to move as little as possible. We had a little problem at first, we balanced it out and took aim when we were best.

With only one point out of a possible 15, Macaca returns to the field on Tuesday, against Operario, in Majestoso.

Watch other statements for both of us after the derby:

Constant changes in the team

– We’re in the process. It’s a bad thing to dock players for the first time during a tournament, but we do, and we don’t stay silent. We have to risk it. There is no point in staying in play without creating an offensive line. Now that we have room to move forward, we can try to turn the situation around. Today passed through the details. It lacked a bit of defenders’ coverage, and stopped play in goal. We had some chances, but unfortunately we didn’t finish, and the competitor made it. It is a process. We are as sad as all fans are. You have to raise your head. Let’s take the team that won the match, whoever scored the goal was here. Let’s get over it. For me, what’s missing is the first victory.

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– The oscillation oscillates through the captured target. We were about to move on. I told them in the first half that we did well in the match, closer to scoring than scoring. But football is focus and concentration for 95 minutes. The team tends to evolve. It’s Clayton’s second match, Kevin, Rodrigao’s debut. Nobody likes to lose in this kind of game. We must understand the factor, have the courage and confidence and mobilize the factor to strive for the first victory.

– With Rodrigao coming in, we’ve really changed the way we play a little bit. The ball stopped in the attack and we managed to get the players close. This ball enters from the side, Rodrigao is strong in the cross ball. This is a play format with reference. He was on a pretty big hiatus, even getting past it due to delivery.