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KFC wins theme hotel in UK - GKPB

KFC wins theme hotel in UK – GKPB

Themed hotels are always attracting more attention, especially from those who want a better place to shoot, now United Kingdom Takes place fully inspired by the universe KFC.

In LondonNamed after the hotel “The House of Harland” (In free translation “The Harland House”), The founder of KFC and in memory of the brand logo, it is called Harland David SandersCommon Coronal Sanders.

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The decoration of the place is all inspired by the roast chicken of the chain and includes many places like arcade, room service and a theater.

The hotel, which has been open for 11 consecutive nights since the 18th of this month, is designed to cater to franchise fans and celebrate the 11 herbs and spices used in its cuisine. This package accommodates two adults and is available for booking Hoteis.com The daily rate from the UK is 1 111.

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Residents The House of Harland Will be taken at the station King’s cross A. of London Cadillac Named black “Colonelmobile”. Upon arrival, visitors will be assisted and instructed on all matters at the hotel.

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All proceeds from the shelter will be donated KFC Foundation.

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