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Kevin Spacey has said he will travel to the UK to face sexual harassment charges

LONDON (Reuters) – Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey has said he will volunteer to travel to the United Kingdom “as soon as possible” to face sexual harassment charges, according to Tuesday’s Good Morning America television report.

Last week, the United Kingdom’s Public Prosecutor’s Service (CPS) said it had dropped charges of four counts of sexual assault against three men and another charge of trespassing on a person without permission.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a rally in the British capital, between March 4 and April 2013. The cases involve a man now in his 40s and two men now in their 30s.

A CBS spokesman said he would be charged if Spacey was arrested in the UK or Wales.

“I greatly appreciate the State Attorney’s Service report, which carefully reminded the media and the public that I deserved a fair trial and that I was innocent until proven guilty,” the actor said in a statement. Good morning America ..

“I am disappointed with the decision to move forward. I hope that as soon as I can, I will voluntarily appear in the UK and defend myself against these allegations, and that I will prove my innocence.”

(Reported by Michael Holden)

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