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Katy Perry launches 'Play', her new show in Las Vegas

Katy Perry launches ‘Play’, her new show in Las Vegas

Singer Katy Perry on Wednesday, 29, began her first permanent residence in Las Vegas. His show called “Play” will feature songs that have been hits throughout his career, including “Dark Horse”, “Firework”, “Teenage Dream” and other recent hits such as “Smile” and “It’s not de end of the world.” There’s also a cover for “The Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston.

In addition, another news broke the frenzy of fans, when, this Wednesday, the 29th, the singer released the song “When I Go”, in partnership with DJ Alesso, which, undoubtedly, is on the list of shows of the season in Vegas.

Check out the list of songs posted on Katy Perry’s Instagram profile

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California has sold about 134.6 million singles and 16.1 million albums worldwide, becoming the third artist to sell the most digital songs in the United States, with 79.6 million songs sold.

ET “has reached 600 million views

The music video for “ET”, released in 2011 in partnership with Kanye West, has reached 600 million views on YouTube. Filled with futuristic makeup and fashion, the video represents a dimension of the pop star’s career as well as a favorite among Katy Perry fans.

It is a new stage in the career of Berry, who has reaped good results from her brilliant career, as well as being one of the most famous women in the world, having toured all continents.

The concert season, which will run from January to May 2022, is practically selling out. to buy your ticket, Just click here.

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