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Kate Hudson admits she’d like to shoot a sequel to How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days

Image: Disclosure | Instagram Kate Hudson

If you watched How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days and wondered what happened to the couple played by Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, then know that the actors are considering reviving the characters.

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The actress revealed on The Jonathan Ross Show, which aired Saturday (26), in the UK, that she and her co-star have already talked about the possibility of revisiting the 2003 plot.

“We both feel the same way about it. If for some reason a great idea comes to our table and it’s a good idea, yeah, I’ll come back again.”says the actress in an excerpt revealed by the Daily Mail.

Kate said she had some ideas for the new plot, but made it clear that she would only accept them if the story was entirely fun and full of conflicts.

As for Vogue, the actress opened up the book of secrets and told about the tricks she follows to maintain her youthful appearance. At 43, the artist continues to surprise fans because he hasn’t changed much.

According to Kate, she likes to maintain a nighttime routine that includes a good night’s sleep – at least eight hours, nutritional supplements every day and lots of hydration, with several glasses of water. But that’s not all, the actress still brings it all together with some reflections.

And if you think she follows a strict self-care routine, you’d be wrong. And the artist revealed that she never removes her makeup as recommended by dermatologists, and she does not mind sleeping anyway.

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