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Kate discovers Theo’s old trauma and digs her finger into the TV news wound

Kate discovers Theo’s old trauma and digs her finger into the TV news wound

Kate (Clara Monique) will be able to resist a little bit of what she suffers at the hands of Theo (Emilio Dantas) in Phi Na Fe. The girl will capture a moment when the villain reveals all the envy that Ben (Samuel de Assis) feels and realizes the trauma he carries from the past. She won’t miss the opportunity to put her finger in the wound of the soap opera’s rascal at 7 a.m. Globo.

In scenes scheduled to air between Monday (12) and Tuesday (13), the Pieddy neighborhood molester will appear to break the peace of Sol (Sheron Menzies) who will be giving dance lessons to the community. Theo will sneak through the crowd and approach Kate.

“Leave me alone, devil. The whole neighborhood is here, don’t play risk,” the sandwich seller will try to defend himself. “Wow, Katezina. We had so much fun. Don’t you miss me a little?” the villain asks.

Will’s best friend Jennifer (Bela Campos) tries to scare the robbers away, saying that she already told Clara (Rejian Alves) that the two were lovers. “I didn’t give a damn about Clara. I even broke up! I know it’s not her that worries you. It is
with Rafa [Caio Manhente]. Have you ever wondered if my son finds out? I think it is better to remain silent. Otherwise, I’ll say,” he threatens.

Ben and Sol’s interaction on stage will attract the attention of the villain, who will confront the former couple and let go of the envy he has felt since the excess of his youth. “It took me a while to see the envious man you are,” Clara Monique’s character commented.

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The scene will mix current footage with flashbacks of the three protagonists in the past. You have no idea what it’s like to belittle you because your boyfriend is ‘everything that you’re not.’ The teachers preferred Ben. Only girls
They wanted to know about it. Even my father favored that bastard with this perfect mask. But I know Ben, I know his mistakes,” says Theo.

Kate won’t stop herself from putting her finger in her executioner’s wound. “It must be hard, right? Seeing a young black man who is more likable than you are?” , Harass. “But now I win. The daughter Benjamin wanted so much is mine,” the villain will reply, filled with hatred.

Created and written by Rosane Svartman, Vai na Fé is a Seven o’clock Telenovela currently on Globo. The plot will be replaced by Fuzuê, by Gustavo Reiz.

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