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Kate Bush reportedly made $2.3 million from the revival of Run Up That Hill

Kate Bush reportedly made $2.3 million from the revival of Run Up That Hill

Kate Bush is said to have made a huge amount of money since the revival of her song “Running Up That Hill” from the Netflix series. Weird things.

The song featured prominently in the highly anticipated fourth season of the hit show, shattering the song several records, hitting #1 on the UK charts nearly 37 years after its release.

BrightInformation and data entertainment company, estimated copyright flow Bush’s bills totaled $2.3 million, as she owns all the rights to the recording of her music.

“Although we have seen a significant increase in catalog music streams over the past few years – with 20% annual growth in 2021 alone – the Kate Bush story has taken this phenomenon to a new level,” Rob said. Jonas, CEO of Luminate, told CBS MoneyWatch.

. added go up this hill It became the most streamed song both in the United States and around the world.

independent I called the Spotify and Bush representatives to confirm the number.

Kate Bush’s music features prominently in Weird things

(Getty Images/Netflix)

on me Publish authorized “I’m still on this hill(Still on that hill) shared on his website on Sunday (July 3), Bush celebrated being his #1 song for the third “surreal” week in a row.

“I’m glad the Duffer brothers wanted to use inherit To Max’s totem pole, but now that I’ve watched the entire last series, I’m deeply honored that the song has been chosen to be a part of his roller coaster ride.”

You can read the review without spoilers From independent From the second volume of the fourth season of Weird things over here.

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