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Karel under pressure: Santos evaluates the work, and the match against Goias must determine the coach’s future  Saints

Karel under pressure: Santos evaluates the work, and the match against Goias must determine the coach’s future Saints

Carell regrets Santos’ fourth defeat in a row: “A moment of wisdom”

Fabio Carril’s continuity in charge of Santos is in doubt. The coach’s work is on the agenda of the black and white committee, and the match against Goias, next Wednesday, at Vila Belmiro, is being treated as an ultimatum for him: he needs a win to stay in the position, after four successive defeats in Series B of the Brazilian League.

More than winning, you have to convince again.

There is already a winger on the board advocating the coach’s immediate departure: the concept is that the group’s behavior has not changed despite successive defeats to América-MG, Botafogo-SP, Novorizontino and Operario. The passivity in the face of competitors’ vibrations was annoying.

The impression left by the team was that training, although well done, had no impact on the matches. There were 86 incomplete passes against Operario alone on Friday, and a series of technical and tactical errors by the team. There is also an analysis that because of the increase in medals in the group, the coach was lenient.

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Conversations and more conversations

President Marcelo Teixeira was present at the stadium in Ponta Grossa, having traveled on a private plane, and left shortly after the match without speaking to the press. The leader will hold meetings with allies in the next few hours to analyze Santos’ scenario.

This will be a reunion of the team with the stadium and also with the Baixada Santista fans. Protests were planned. Last week, the team was charged by two organized fans at CT Rei Pelé on two consecutive days. The weather is still bad.

Marcelo Teixeira, Santos president, before the match against Operario – Photo: João Vitor Resende Borba/AGIF

Karel’s fear of getting into clashes with the group weighs heavily on Karel. An example of this is the issue of training hours: the coach was asked by board members about resuming training in the afternoon, as happened in Paulistau, when reflectors were installed in the CT.

The assessment is that the players will be more connected to reality and the current situation of the club by training in the afternoon. With activities in the morning, athletes have the rest of the day free from the club facilities.

Karel did not respond to the request, and only conducted one training session in the afternoon of last week, on Wednesday, while the other sessions were in the morning. The example, just a detail in the athletes’ routine, illustrates the coach’s position.

Fabio Carril in Operário x Santos — Photography: João Vitor Resende Borba/AGIF

With the intense pressure on his work, Carel will have only a few days to prepare the team for the decisive match of his future: there are only four empty days left until the match against Goiás, on Wednesday, in Vila Belmiro, in matchday 11. .

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