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Plenário do Senado Federal durante sessão deliberativa ordinária semipresencial destinada à apreciação de autoridades e de outras matérias.   Em discurso, à tribuna, senador Jorge Kajuru (Podemos-GO).  Foto: Roque de Sá/Agência Senado

Kajuru condemns blockade of funds for health, education, science and technology – Senado Notícias

Senator Jorge Kagoro (Podemos-GO) has criticized the recent blocking of funds by the ministries of health, education, science and technology in this year’s budget. For him, this is the last measure taken by the Bolsonaro government against vital sectors of the country.

– As indicated today in the newspaper’s editorial the scientistbudget bans can be a familiar thing as long as, I quote, “he did not confuse three of the most harmful characteristics of the Jair Bolsonaro administration: disregard for the country’s real needs, electoral opportunism, and ideological misgivings”—he highlighted.

Kagoro considered budget constraints in the field of health to be particularly dangerous, for reasons he considered quite obvious. He referred to the novel coronavirus pandemic, which has already killed more than 666,000 Brazilians and continues to surround us, “causing surprises.” In addition – he noted – the country is facing an outbreak of dengue fever with the number of cases, in five months of 2022, higher than that recorded in the whole of last year.

In a speech on Wednesday (1), the senator also recalled the need to strengthen health surveillance due to the re-emergence of diseases such as measles, chickenpox, mumps and rubella.

“Between us, it would be more reasonable to keep the money for health rather than guarantee secret budget resources, with clear electoral objectives,” he said.

Finally, Kagoro condemned the government’s release of the Pregnant Woman’s Handbook, which, according to him, defends a series of guidelines and practices that many experts have deemed outdated, and even speaks of actions that have been invalidated by the World Health Organization.

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Agência Senado (Clone permission with reference to Agência Senado)