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Justice gives Safra Bank 24 hours to refund Americana’s money

Justice gives Safra Bank 24 hours to refund Americana’s money

Judge Luiz Alberto Carvalho Alves, of the 4th Corporate Court in the capital, gave Banco Safra 24 hours, after the subpoena, to refund the amount to the Americanas Group account by paying off the letter of guarantee. The judge accepted Americanas Group’s application, which showed that the bank had not complied with the court’s decision and made new compensation on the grounds that the new credit would not be subject to judicial recovery.

The judge also estimated that the court’s decision to refund the values ​​of Grupo Americanas, which had been unjustifiably withheld, was not fully complied with by Banco Votorantim, since the amounts were placed in an account without enabling the possibility of transfer and, therefore, to the judiciary. The deposit was established in the said amount, and it was requested that it be impossible to withdraw it from the debtor.

“Banco Votorantim used the order issued by the annulled decision to deposit the amount of compensation in court. In this regard, I ask the trustee, within 24 hours, to justify the necessity of withdrawing the entire amount, or part of it, as required for the cash flow and maintenance of the activities of Americana, so that availability Final in a timely manner. In a transparent and accurate manner, ”the judge decided.