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Justice bans Grêmio organizers for 180 days and bans Arena . sector

Justice bans Grêmio organizers for 180 days and bans Arena . sector

Grêmio organizers are prohibited from watching team matches in football stadiums for 180 days. The northern sector of the arena is closed

The Court of Fans and Major Events of the Public Prosecution Office of Rio Grande do Sul decided, after a meeting held last Wednesday (3), to prevent the attendance of the organized fans of the tournament. Syndicate In the team’s 180-day matches and interception of the northern stands of the stadium, as fans invaded the stadium after the match against Palm trees Not last Sunday.

In addition, the organization also objected to the arrival of the gremistas in Beira-Rio, for the classic Gre-Nal to be held this Saturday, 6, at 19:00 (GMT), valid for round 30 of Brazilian Championship.

With this decision, even if the tricolor club manages to overturn the injunction accepted by the STJD, reversing the presence of its fans at games as home or visitor, Grêmio will not have its organized teams, nor the sector without open seats in the stadium, or even with the fans in their favour. Derby vs Internacional.

The punishment follows a request opened by STJD, which accepted an injunction that forces Rio Grande do Sul to play with closed gates when domestic and have no right to have their fans present at outdoor matches until the ruling.

after, after 3-1 loss to PalmeirasGrêmio fans invaded the lawn, assaulted security guards and photographers, and looted the VAR booth and other transportation equipment. For such actions, the club can lose control of the field for up to 10 matches.

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Grêmio, in turn, has already identified 22 fans and intends to ease penalties at STJD. The club’s legal department is still trying to overturn the injunction reversing the presence of its fans.