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Juliet reveals her fear of cancellation: I'm not ready

Juliet reveals her fear of cancellation: I’m not ready

JULIET Go from a lawyer and an anonymous makeup artist to A very successful singer and influencer. winner inBBB 21′ is excited about the new phase of her life and career, however, afraid that at some point she will suffer from hate.

In an interview with Glamor magazine friend Anita She admitted that she was not ready to receive a judgment from social networks: “I even commented that I am not ready to cancel, I am very sensitive. So far I have received so much love, almost nothing from hate. The little experience I had has really hurt me,” she reveals.

Moreover, she reveals that she, as a public figure, has the right to give her opinion on important matters.

“It would be contradictory if I deleted myself. I will, I will say it, but with responsibility, because I know the weight of my words. I try to speak in a way that does not hurt. The artist has a responsibility, a social debt. When you don’t know. It exposes, when you delete yourself, it hurts society. You have to. To take a stand, yes. Promote something positive. I don’t overlook,” he guarantees.

afraid of fame

Juliet once again emphasizes that she didn’t handle fame very well at first.

“I was (scared) so (…) I had to review the old events of my life, of course, in smaller proportions, which prepared me to receive everything I receive today. I only had one challenge,” he points out.

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