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Juliet blames Bolsonaro for 500,000 deaths from COVID-19

Juliet blames Bolsonaro for 500,000 deaths from COVID-19

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06/21/2021 on 15h11update in 06/21/2021 on 15h18

Such as Anita e Gilles de VigorJuliet also commented on The mark of 500,000 deaths due to Covid-19 in Brazil. a hero “BBB 21 (TV) The president’s government is held responsible Jair Bolsonaro (No party).

“500 mil mortos no Brasil! Não são apenas números. É uma terrível resultência da negligência da gestão do atual Governo Bolsonaro. Eles tinham como ter evitado essa tragédia. Éro em é claro s que Bolsonaro”, Twitter, eu claro que que

Earlier, Anita also spoke of 500,000 deaths, calling for Jair Bolsonaro to leave the presidency.

“500,000 deaths … it’s OUTA BOLSONARO, YES! In the interest of democracy, economy, health, education and collective sense,” the singer wrote.

In responses to Anitta, netizens referred to Ivete Sangalo, who He lamented the 500,000 deaths but stated that “it’s not about parties.”.

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