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Juliet apologizes to Camila de Lucas at the leader's party

Juliet apologizes to Camila de Lucas at the leader’s party

Juliet and Camila De Lucas’ friendship had some delicate moments, but they got it right during the leader’s party yesterday atBBB 21 “.

The influencer was slightly hurt by a situation that happened earlier in the day, in which Juliet had a reaction that upset her friend. at A conversation with Jill about a possible return from ThailandParaibana said too much, and Camila was not happy.

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During a conversation at Caio party, Juliet chases after her friend to settle down, and says she doesn’t want her to act that way. The make-up artist said, “I was so upset with a generation. It wasn’t you, my friend.” Camila replied, “You also cannot try to make Jill not speak, because it is like this. He has always had paranoia, and he never stopped and will not be able to stop now,” revealing also that she was not hurt by the sister. Juliet then apologized, saying, “The last person I want to hurt here is you.”

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