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Judge suspends compulsory vaccination in companies proposed by Biden

Judge suspends compulsory vaccination in companies proposed by Biden

On Saturday (6) a federal court in the United States suspended the rule that employees must be vaccinated against COVID-19 In companies of more than 100 people, in a measure passed by the Joe Biden government over the past week.

The standard, which is expected to take effect on January 4, gives the option of weekly tests to detect the novel coronavirus for employees who choose not to be vaccinated.

The measure proposed by the Biden administration has not been well received by Republican state governors, who have brought lawsuits against the rule in federal courts across the country. In Florida, Ron DeSantis called the president’s action unconstitutional.

“The federal government cannot unilaterally impose a medical policy on the pretext of regulating the workplace,” he said. DeSantis in a press release last Thursday (4).

White House deputy press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre said Friday that the Biden administration believes the new standard will be maintained, even if it faces legal action.

“We are very confident,” Jean-Pierre said, according to Fox News. “It’s a standard for keeping workplaces safe and can be countered with weekly testing or vaccination.”

The current suspension was granted by a judge of the Southern United States Court of Appeals and is effective for all corporations in Texas and corporations in Louisiana and Mississippi.

In September this year, Biden announces mandatory vaccinations for federal employees and employees of companies that provide services to organizations associated with the White House.

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