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Joyce Hasselman loses 22 kilos and reveals the diet that changed her life

Joyce Hasselman loses 22 kilos and reveals the diet that changed her life

Former federal deputy Joyce Hasselman has gained attention on social media in recent weeks due to her physical change. In an interview with F5, she confirmed that she had lost 22 kilograms since March 2020, when she had uterine bleeding and felt the need to change her lifestyle. “Self-care is self-love. I only understood that when I hit rock bottom,” she says.

After the incident, the journalist began preparing her own meals, using the weekend to plan and prepare some dishes. During the 2020 political campaign, for example, she would leave the house with five prepared meals, in a thermal bag. “I didn’t step out of line at any meal, nor did I eat the traditional fairground pastries of campaign politicians. During visits full of goodies, I simply thanked them, said I was on a diet and that I wasn’t eating anything that went out of my plans,” he recalls.

She maintained that the first 40 days were the hardest, as she had to switch “from water to wine.” At that point, Joice began eating only broth, made from the bones and cartilage of animals such as beef and chicken cooked in water for extended periods. “Besides, a lot of water. I started to dry quickly and that gave me extra motivation. So I overcame the difficulties.”

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Besides reducing overeating, exercise was essential in this life transition. The first few months were a bit of a walk. Then, with a well-balanced diet, bodybuilder Kristina Pegoska and her sister gave her personal workouts.

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“It was training for me to do my body weight, at home, with online monitoring. And so I started training for real. Then I went back to bodybuilding, doing boxing, and other activities. But at first everything was at home with her help.”

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With all this life change that Joyce is so happy to be able to inspire other men and women, she has a personal promise: “I definitely intend to break the habit of letting myself into the background. This habit has been given up and I never will. I want him back in my life.” .