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Journalist Mauro Cesar shakes up Renato Gacho's debut in Florida: "Playing like this is unjustified"

Journalist Mauro Cesar shakes up Renato Gacho’s debut in Florida: “Playing like this is unjustified”

a flamingo I went down to the field on Wednesday, for the first match of the round of 16 of Editor’s Cup. Against Devenza and Justicia, in Argentina, the team led by coach Renato Gaucho, 1 x 0Michael’s goal. The match marked the first appearance of the coach in charge of Mengão.

But Fly’s performance was not safe in the 90 minutes, goalkeeper Diego Alves played an important role in Wednesday’s victory, saving the team from scoring in at least three difficult moves. For journalist Mauro Cesar, the performance of Robro Negra was unjustified, The members of Renato’s team were exposed to a lot of risks during the match, which is a flawed act, as the technical difference between the two teams is completely different.

Journalist Mauro Cesar shakes up Renato Gaucho’s debut in Florida: “Playing like this is unjustified.” (Photo: Getty Images)

“The style of play that Flamengo adopted regardless of the coach since Jorge Jesus was imposed, where he had the ball and played in the opponent’s court. Suddenly, in Renato’s debut, Flamengo played the entire second half, most of the first, without being able to hold the ball.Unable to go out to play and press and pray for the end of the match.”

He added, “Of course there is always a wing of fans, especially those who for some reason did not like the former coach who They will try to justify the unjustifiable, Flamengo playing this way is unjustified. Some say that Palmeiras plays like this, Palmeiras is Palmeiras and Flamengo is Flamingo, Palmeiras has its own characteristics, in some seasons they prefer this type of game. “

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