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Journalist connects a wave of medal pieces on Globo to Bolsonaro

Journalist connects a wave of medal pieces on Globo to Bolsonaro

Marcus Ochoa said Globo is going through a financial crisis

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Marcus Ochoa has been one of the major names in Globo press for 34 years. At the end of last year, the reporter decided to leave the Marinho family station. The journalist believes that the wave of TV outages is linked to Jair Bolsonaro.

“I don’t have a contract anymore. It was one of the things Bolsonaro did… Previously, the people who got better paid at Globo were earning as a legal entity. In the first year of government, he was already at the top in terms of employment, saying he couldn’t Be that as it may, and everyone gets to work again. Even Galvão, even Faustão,” Marcos Ochoa announced for the Inteligência Ltda podcast.

Ochoa stated that Globo’s departure happened without shock: “I was an appointed person like everyone else. I didn’t have a term to expire. I quit naturally. I made it clear I wanted to leave. I have no regrets for Globo. Moments when I wanted to do With things I couldn’t do, because they wouldn’t let me, but it’s the rule of the game.”

Although the channel still had the highest revenue, the journalist said that Globo is experiencing financial problems. “Globo suffers, like many media outlets, from the influx of money from traditional media and the entry of money into the Internet. For example, your software is an opponent, a competitor that hasn’t been around for years,” he explained.

While aware of the difficulties, Uchôa disagrees with the policy of cutbacks: “I wouldn’t do it like that, I think it’s wrong. The identity of the media is very much the professional I’m used to seeing. An identity that shakes when these people leave, and it needs to be reconstructed” .

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