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Journalist Amanda Klein revolts and resigns from the show

Journalist Amanda Klein revolts and resigns from the show

Journalist Amanda Klein surprised her followers this Wednesday (7) and announced that she had asked to leave the “3 in 1” program broadcast by Jovim Ban, and the presenter made the decision after a serious discussion with Rodrigo Constantino, her partner in the program.

Amanda Use your profile on the social network Twitter To clarify what happened and announce that he will no longer be part of the program’s crew. The journalist spared no words to describe everything she was feeling. In the posted tweet, she told what’s going on in the show.

“I asked to get out of 3-in-1. In a toxic environment and with personal attacks, the press was not done. I am a journalist. I’m still at JP in Jornal da Manhã and in other shows. I’m counting on you!”.

press stand It happens after arguing with Rodrigo Constantino over disagreements over political matters. The conversation changed its tone when Rodrigo called Amanda “too stupid or naughty” and it ended up turning into a fight.

after the announcement On Klein’s departure from the attraction, Rodrygo wasted no time and posted: “Great day! Can I actually order music at Fantástico? It’s always the same: I reveal leftists disguised as journalists, who come without argument and only with fake narratives and agenda, attack me, then play the victim and tell me to leave. It has become a routine.”.

Amanda Klein has only been on the show for four months now. Despite the demand to leave the “3 in 1” program, the journalist still works at the radio station.

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