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Joseph enters as a rookie and consisão Cruzeiro makes his Serie B debut;  He may be in the Flávio lineup

Joseph enters as a rookie and consisão Cruzeiro makes his Serie B debut; He may be in the Flávio lineup

Raposa is about to start their second-division campaign, and for this important challenge, Celeste’s team tried to search for names to form their cast. There were 12 athletes who arrived in Boro: defenders Eduardo Brock and Joseph; Right-back Klebinho. Matthews Neres, Matthews Barbosa and Flavio; Marcinho and Rômulo socks. As for the offensive line, the group grew with Felipe Augusto, Bruno Jose and Guilherme Pisoli. Cruzeiro still brings Alan Rochelle, but he has already loaned him to America.

This Saturday (29th), he faces Zero Confianca in Aracaju. At a press conference about the opening match, Felipe Conceicao spoke about the range of options available to him and also criticized the team. One of the sectors in which he received more reports of failures and shortcomings was the midfield.

With respect to the midline, separately, this analysis is complicated. Cruzeiro was the team that finished the most in the Minero Championship. This is what created the most real goalscoring chances in the Minero Championship. These are the numbers that explain our development in the offensive part and our development in building plays, “he explained.

The coach explained how his offensive sector sees: “We were the team with the most ball against opponents in matches, so there is that number too. They showed us that Cruzeiro is doing a lot offensively. Conceicao explained that he scored a reasonable number of goals (14 goals in the state),” He spent a few games without scoring any goals, and this also gives us strength and positive expectations for the second division. “

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The professional also spoke about the attack, assuring that Raposa is not facing a shortage in the sector: “We are not asking for employment. If an opportunity arises where we can add, we will take advantage of it. But I am satisfied with our options. Marcelo (Moreno) traveled to the selection (from Bolivia)) We are still with Sobies and Picole. The other athletes can also play this role in the team. We are satisfied with what we have, “he emphasized.

However, for the Cyan team’s first match in the second division, Conceição should escalate the possible formation: Fábio; Caceres, Joseph, Ramon, and Matthews Pereira; Adriano (Flavio), Matthews Barbosa and Romulo; Bruno Jose, Arton, Raphael Subis.