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Jose de Abreu vent: 'I'll carry the spit ring for the rest of my life'

Jose de Abreu vent: ‘I’ll carry the spit ring for the rest of my life’

Jose de Abreu vent: ‘I’ll carry the spit ring for the rest of my life’

On the air of the series “Umm Lugar au Sol” GlobeAnd Jose de AbreuHe, 75, said he plans to run for federal vice presidency.

In an interview with Uol, the actor recalled the episode in 2016, when he spat in the face of a couple in a restaurant in Sao Paulo. According to him, he was called a “thief” and his wife, at that time, Priscilla Petti, a “whore”.

“I will carry the spit ring in the restaurant for the rest of my life. This happened six years ago and every day someone comes to talk about it. Where did you see yourself? There is no way to understand what that couple did,” he said.

“I was in a restaurant where the owner and boss of the kitchen were my acquaintances. The person arrives and says I am a thief, as if my money belongs to Roann Law, and that I have not had a 50-year career to get money and pay for dinner in a Japanese restaurant,” he added.

Asked if he does not fear new attacks when he makes a political campaign official, the artist said there was no way “things could go wrong”. “We have already hit rock bottom with hate. Now I just hope I can rebuild the country. I will donate four years of my life to Brazil, and it will only be a while. I will not become a ‘professional politician,'” he added.

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