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Jorge Salgado Says "Okay" Vasco Concludes with a New Major Sponsorship Values ​​Revealed

Jorge Salgado Says “Okay” Vasco Concludes with a New Major Sponsorship Values ​​Revealed

NS Basque He has a very important match this Wednesday (28), against Sao Paulo, for the Brazilian Cup. The first confrontation takes place in Morumbi, and since the opponent has reached a low level after the ignominious defeat of Flamengo, Vasco’s team tries to take advantage of the instability of the tricolor to achieve a good result away from home.

The good news for Cruz Maltinos is that the Rio de Janeiro club is finally wrapping up with a new major sponsorship: according to the portal Globoesporte.com, To determine “betanoThe noblest will occupy space on the shirt; It is a Greek online betting company.

Also according to the report, the logo BMG To the lower back of the uniform. GE also released the new agreement values: The Hill Giant must pocket 10 million Brazilian Real. The term of the contract between the two parties has not yet been revealed and this should only happen in the official announcement.

Thus, more revenue enters the club’s coffers and fans hope that things will get better in Sao Januario. On the field, there is an anticipation of how Vasco’s side will act in the upcoming matches under Lisca, who have already proven to be a capable captain and who quickly wins the group.

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Vascao treats the Brazilian Cup as a high priority, and even against a strong rival like Sao Paulo, there is an inner confidence they can give Cruz Maltino. amaze and pass the stage. Today’s game should be well studied and a tendency to the Hill Giant to exploit counterattacks.

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