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Jorge Braga gets emotional when he is honored in Nova Friburgo: "No one gets away with the passion of Botafogo fans"

Jorge Braga gets emotional when he is honored in Nova Friburgo: “No one gets away with the passion of Botafogo fans”

Involved in what appears to be a crisis principle behind the scenes Botafogochief executive officer Jorge Braga He was honored last Thursday evening (6/30) in Nova Friburgo City Council. while glorious Lost to America – MG In Belo Horizonte, the CEO received a special suggestion to commend.

The honor was from the consultant’s project Max Bell (Avante-RJ), who is also an advisor to Botafogo. In his short speech in the chamber’s pulpit, Jorge Braga did not hide his emotions.

I have some experience in corporate restructuring, I’ve been through very complex projects, but definitely the biggest challenge in life was Botafogo. I learned it’s not just football, it’s passion, it’s love, it’s sharing people – The CEO said, continued:

Nobody gets away with the passion of Botafogo fans. My two youngest kids are only watching the match now and they are all dressed up in Botafogo, with the scarf and flag… I’m so emotional. I would like to thank you very much for the honor and I would like to wish you eternal life in Botafogo.

Jorge Braga received an honor for “services rendered to the Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas and for the relevant contribution to the establishment of the club’s SAF”, but he shared the benefits of the club’s restructuring with the political authorities of Alvinegro.

– I can only say that no one does anything alone. This process of transforming Botafogo was only possible with the support of President Dorsicio, by the Presidents of the Board of Deliberations, Mauro (Sudre), the Taxes, André (Araújo Souza) and by the advisers of their qualified contribution – he said.

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Crisis principle

This Thursday, Botafogo sent a message to Faraj dismissing Jorge Braga as the club’s representative in the entity. In a note sent to the press, the Alfinegro executive revealed a “surprise” at the event, explaining that the decision had not been communicated..