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Johnny Depp loses lawsuit against Amber Heard

Actor Johnny Depp suffered another defeat in the operation involving ex-wife Amber Heard. After being accused of aggression, the star turned down an offer that was rejected by a judge in the United States, which would have referred to slander and slander on the part of the actress.

There was a hearing Thursday, the 24th, and Judge Benny Azcaret said Amber Heard could, in fact, use the so-called Anti-SLAPP Act — an acronym for Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation — in her defense against the actor. In the United States, the acronym stands for operations that seek to censor, intimidate or silence with threats at the costs of organizing a legal defense.

The verdict came weeks before a lengthy trial is scheduled to take place in Fairfax. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are expected to appear in court and testify, as well as other Hollywood personalities who are also listed as potential witnesses.

During the pleadings that were used last Thursday, the 24th, the representative’s attorney said one of the reasons the case was opened in Virginia, US, is that the state’s anti-SLAPP law is not as broad as California’s. The actor’s lawsuit against Amber is asking for $50 million USD, which is the equivalent of approximately R$238 million in current transfer.

And the actress, in turn, opened her first lawsuit against her ex-husband for $ 100 million. The actor’s lawyers tried to dismiss the lawsuit, but were defeated. The lawsuits will continue to be heard from April, first by Pirates of the Caribbean and then Amber Heard.

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