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Jesse explains why she doesn't only sing to two housemates

Jesse explains why she doesn’t only sing to two housemates

distance party this morning In the “BBB 22″ (TV Globo), the two brothers continued to chat in the living room at home – except for Eliezerwho went to sleep. Jiseilanpointing to the screen where the Queridometer was displayed, analyzed its trajectory and said that he had not imagined that he had arrived at that moment in the game.

“For being here, I, Giselan Alves de Sousa, put my face to this business [Queridômetro] Still…”, Sister Douglas Silva began interrupted by her colleague and added, “Baby! “.

The teacher replied, “I loved because deprivation Today you decided to like me, but until yesterday I was not loved, no. “

Arthur Agyarthen remember”Sister’s statement at the partyHe said: “If you want, he wants it.” Earlier, Jesse told the Olympian, jokingly, “PA, I love you. If you want it, I want it too.” The “singing” continued, and the biologist added that it was “catching up.”

In the conversation, Jesse Arthur corrected: “I told him that today.” Gustavo He entered the conversation and adjusted: “No, he said it was outside another conversation.”

Myra Cardi’s husband followed up in the joke: “What did you say?” , Asked. “I told him I was joking, but if he wanted to, I’m serious,” replied the teacher.

I’m full of problems, PA, but if you want, we’ll solve them all


“Better tell this story,” asked the former rebel. Follow Jesse:

The PA hit, Gustavo, hit everyone in this house. […] The only people I didn’t say “A” to were you [Arthur] and general manager

Then the teacher explained why two classmates did not “sing” in confinement: “Because they are younger than me, just for that,” she concluded.

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