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Jeff Bezos' maid got infected from not having a toilet

Jeff Bezos’ maid got infected from not having a toilet

A woman who worked at Jeff Bezos’ mansion as a maid sued a billionaire. She claims she developed a urinary tract infection multiple times, because her boss did not provide the staff with a reasonably accessible bathroom.

According to the “Jezebel” website, which was able to view the documents of the operation, Mercedes accuses the Amazon company of exposing it to unsafe and unhealthy working conditions.

Mercedes worked for a year and a half in the billionaire’s house in Seattle as a housekeeper, that is, she led a team of maids. The labor lawsuit targets Jeff Bezos himself, as well as two offshore companies that manage his properties, North West LLC and the exhale LLC.

Both Mercedes and the other staff had to go out the window, through an underground engine room, and go down the stairs to get to the only available bathroom, which was shared with the male maintenance staff.

After complaining that there was no suitable space, the staff was instructed to use the security team’s restroom inside the control room. However, the guards themselves denied access, claiming that it might breach security protocols.

The document says that as a result of the lack of access to the bathroom, not only Mercedes but several employees “recurrently developed urinary tract infections”.

According to the information in the document, the former employee also claims that she worked 14-hour shifts, often without a meal break, and that she suffered racial discrimination for being Latina. According to the document, Bezos treated Latino employees differently from whites and instructed maids to “serve the household without seeing them.”

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In this regard, the billionaire could have replied, “I can never be a racist,” because his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, is of Mexican descent.

This is not the first time that Bezos has been accused of placing his workers in inhumane conditions. Last year, a labor scandal at Amazon exposed a series of abuse suffered by employees. It was a common practice in the company pee in bottles To meet delivery deadlines.