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Jason Momoa poses for a photo with Ben Affleck behind the scenes of 'Aquaman 2' - Entertainment

Jason Momoa poses for a photo with Ben Affleck behind the scenes of ‘Aquaman 2’ – Entertainment

From California, United States, Jason Momoa posted on Instagram, last Thursday (29), behind-the-scenes recordings of Aquaman 2Besides Ben Affleck who recently married singer Jennifer Lopez.

Without making it clear if it was a spoiler or a joke, he ended up prying fans’ curiosity. “Bruce and Arthur reunited. I love and miss you,” Momoa said, referring to their DC Universe characters, Bruce Wayne, Batman. and Arthur Curry, Aquaman.

“Visitors to Warner Bros. have just seen this problem. They have all the surprises to come Aquaman 2. All my aloha ”, he added in the video, as the star says that the visitors caught a big secret.

James Wan, director of the Aquaman franchise, has already said that Affleck will appear in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom). Officially, filming ended in December, but Wan cautioned that they were in post-production, which includes, among other steps, reshoots of some scenes and the ADR process, which is when the actors’ voices are recorded in quiet environments, to improve the sound. feature quality.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, from Warner Bros. , scheduled for release in March 2023. The first Aquaman (2018) grossed US$1.13 billion at the worldwide box office.

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