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James Bond, Aston Martin gets an electric version

by Stewart and McDill

SILVERSTONE, England (Reuters) – Daniel Craig may be saying goodbye to the role of James Bond, but his iconic Aston Martin is on the cusp of a new $1 million lease on life.

Bond actually drove the DB5, which was featured again in his last movie, “007 – No Time to Die,” but the DB6 has been regarded by many as the epitome of British motorsport since its debut in 1965.

As a recent development, the DB5 and DB6 are now being modified to re-emerge in limited quantities as electric cars.

“For the women and men of tomorrow, this electric vehicle is what you should be driving,” said David Lorenz, CEO and founder of Lunaz, which specializes in converting classic cars into electric models, behind the wheel of the DB6.

“It has an aesthetic that you would never get in a modern car, and the aesthetic can now be combined with a modern engine,” added Lorenz.

Headquartered in Silverstone, the home of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in the UK, Lonaz produces a limited edition DB6.

Lorenz said the company was created to take it to a new level and answer a tough question: When internal combustion engines are banned, what are we going to do with the two billion vehicles already on the road?

“I want to preserve these vehicles for future generations,” Lorenz said. “My daughter is three years old. When she is of driving age, she will drive electric cars, and I want her to enjoy cars like this.”

But what will Bond say when the beloved DB5 stops snoring?

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“Bond has always been all about modern technology,” Lorenz said.