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Izekias and Hebert embrace after winning the gold medal in Tokyo

Izekias and Hebert embrace after winning the gold medal in Tokyo

NS Canoe Isaquias Queiroz it’s the Boxer Hebert Conceicao They met at Casa Time Brasil, in Chuo, Japan, after winning gold medals on Sunday (7) at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Both are from Bahia.

Izekias Hebert congratulated him on his epic knockout victory over Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Khizniak. The fight was held at the Kokugikan Arena, the famous place where sumo matches are held in the Japanese capital. Hebert said, “The athlete I’ve faced has a tough match to work with, he’s a very strong, strong guy, the physique he always gives in fights is amazing. He’s an incredible fighter, and I respect him a lot.”

“I trained a lot, I took seriously all the work done during the course, during all my initiatives since I started boxing. I lost 2 rounds, and I had another one. Despite the fact that the result was negative, I learned that within 3 minutes I can come back with a knockout. If you notice at the beginning of the round, I actually went into a head-to-head fight and said ‘If I get out of here it doesn’t matter, I got lost, now I’m going to get what I have’. And I knew hitting was a lottery. I was able to hook up a good cross pass, which I also train a lot when I simulate amazing situations. This is a gold medal for Brazil.”

Isaquias dedicated the victory to his late coach, Jesus Morlan, who made him the first Brazilian athlete to win three medals at the same edition of the Games, at Rio 2016.

“Very happy to be able to win this gold for Brazil. A very big emotion, I devoted myself a lot from 2016 until this exact moment. The medal in C2 did not come. Our goal was to represent our dear coach, Jesus Morlan, who died in 2018 and won nine medals, and these Today’s medal is important to our career.Isakias said, “I am very happy that this dream has come true.”

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