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'I've never felt like anyone' · TV News

‘I’ve never felt like anyone’ · TV News

ladies (Juliano Cazarré) and Zaquieu (Silvero Pereira) will form an unexpected duo in the following seasons of wet land. A feisty pawn will transcend prejudice to declare himself to the cook. Surprised, Mariana’s employee (Salma Egry) will be moved by the words of his newest friend on the Globo series at 9 AM.

a Maria Broca’s lover (Isabel Teixeira) He raised his nose when Jose Lucas (Erandir Santos) forced him to teach Zakuyo to ride a horse. The butler immediately sensed the pawn’s gay resistance, but the two of them went for a walk and ended up getting close.

a perrengue the pair went through when they came face to face with a Jaguar It made any difference go away. The feeling will be so strong that the macho will admit that he enjoys the company of the chef.

“I’ve never had a friendship like yours before,” Alcides declared. “Friendship … friendship how?” Zakuyu will react, surprised. “Friendship is like that. The ability to talk to the other about the things you think about. About the things you feel,” the pawn will recover.

Giuliano Cazari’s character will delve deeper into the answer to Zaquieu’s question about feelings. He will admit “what I’ve never felt before to anyone.”

The butler asks: “Not for Maria?” , hoping to have a romantic relationship with the sponsor. However, Alcides will make it clear that the relationship between the two will only be friendship.

“For Maria, I feel something else. These leather things. From a man and a woman,” explains Maria’s lover Broca. “I have great affection for you. I swear. Like you’re a brother,” he continues.

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written by Benedetto Roy Barbosathe television series Pantanal was broadcast in 1990 by Manchete (1983-1999) which now ceases to exist. Globo edition is adapted by Bruno Luberi, the grandson of the story’s creator, and will be on the air until October. Then Globo will appear for the first time TransitGloria Perez plot.

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