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“It’s a joy to be black,” Lázaro Ramos says of the new movie, “Autumn,” in Capitals

In an interview with Metropoles, Prime Video presenter Lázaro Ramos talks about his new movie on streaming: Autumn

Lázaro Ramos is on the list of figures from Brazilian culture that has changed a lot in recent years. A famous actor, he tried his hand at going behind the camera and debuted with The Temporary Measure. Now, the artist is gearing up for an unforgettable public release – fall, on Prime Video.

In an interview with capital CitiesLázaro Ramos spoke about the project and compared it to the long-term temporary measure.

“It’s special to me because I come from a movie with a black cast, but the movie was about pain. In the fall, it’s the black joy (the joy of being black, in free translation). We’re talking about kissing on the lips and appreciating black Brazilian music,” he explained. the actor.

A year to remember – Autumn is the new film directed by Lázaro Ramos for Prime Video

Lázaro Ramos recently took over as Director of Presentation at Prime Video. But, from the artist’s point of view, he is something else: a storyteller.

“Malo [Miranda, head de conteúdo original no Brasil] What made me this provocation, time passed and I became a department whose name I didn’t know, I had the desire to communicate and put my world view into what I was producing. He didn’t have a name, so Malu gave me that name,” Lazzaro jokes.

In the fall, Lázaro Ramos advocates the choice of a musical to kick off the “An Unforgettable Year” project, which will include a total of four feature films and four feature film adaptations of the homonymous books by Thalitta Repucas, Paula Pimenta, Bruna Vieira and Babe DeWitt.

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“I truly believe in the power of Brazilian artists’ voice, in the way we tell stories, in the way we think. It’s been exciting to have the experience of daring and singing our island to reach the world. We took music, a genre well established in the United States, and personalized it,” concludes the actor. and director.