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Itaú customers are happy with the new launch of PIX; See the benefits

Itaú recently announced a novelty for its customers that includes PIX. Now, all customers with a PJ (Legal Entity) account can access BoleCode, which was previously only available to a select group of people. See how you can benefit from it.

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With the resource, boletos can be paid via PIX, which increases the speed of payment. In this way, it will no longer be necessary for the customer to wait up to two days to receive the amounts related to the ticket issued, as the money will be deposited into the account once the ticket has been paid using the new functionality.

In addition, the polycode It also has a service team that works to safety and provides full customer service, seven days a week.

Payments by QRCode or barcode

Through BoleCode, bank vouchers can be paid by QRCode and also by barcode. In both possibilities, the transaction takes place instantly. For those who do not use the bank’s application, they will have the possibility to make the payment directly at the ATMs of the Itaú branches.

What should be noted is that the Transfers Via PIX they work every day and at all times. It differs from the common payment made via bank slip and DOC or TED transfers, which are only made on business days. To issue the voucher with the possibility of PIX, it will only be necessary to request the service on one of the channels of the financial institution, either via internet banking, the application or at a bank branch.

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Benefits of the Itaú tool

According to information released by the bank, the new feature is a good choice for customers legal personsince:

  • there are no additional costs;
  • simplifies paying bills;
  • savings on customs duties;
  • full time support;
  • Immediate payment notice.

In addition, Itaú also believes that companies that receive payments also get a good advantage, since the advantage allows more business flexibility because it is an instant payment.