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Itao launches a new credit card with a points system;  See how we do

Itao launches a new credit card with a points system; See how we do

a Itau Bank It launched a new, feature-packed credit card for its users, Visa Signature. The new product is aimed at Uniclass customers, does not charge an annual fee and offers cashback.

When using the card for purchases in dollars, for every dollar spent, the user accumulates 1.5 points. This score can be redeemed with miles, products, or cashback on the invoice, allowing the customer to pay a smaller amount on the next month’s invoice.

The financial institution was already offering cards without an annual salary, such as the Hipercard and Sam’s, as well as two instruments from the Personalnalité segment. However, the new feature will charge an annual fee of R$570 per year.

However, there is a way to reset the product maintenance fee. For this, the user must maintain an average spending of more than 4000 BRL, taking into account the card holder with extras. If this average is not reached, expenses over R$2,000 guarantee a 50% discount on annual fees.

It is noteworthy that those who prefer to choose the issuance of the card without the points program, as the annual fees are not collected.

Following this perspective, Itaú has also made it possible to liquidate annuity in Mastercard Black and Visa Infinite cards for Itaú Uniclass customers. Normally, the user has to pay R$72 per month, which is R$864 annually.

To guarantee a free annual salary on both cards, customers can choose two strategies. The first is when the user spends at least R$ 8000 per month, and the second, when he invests an amount of more than R$ 50,000 in the bank.

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The main feature is the dollar points program, in which for every dollar spent, the customer collects 1.8 points, which can be redeemed according to the options selected by the company.

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