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Italy’s anti-regime party admits disappointment in European elections

Italy’s anti-regime party admits disappointment in European elections

Giuseppe Conte said the Five Star Movement would reflect the results

June 10
– 09:06

(Updated at 9:45 a.m.)

Italy’s anti-regime 5-Star Movement party will conduct a “long reflection” after a “disappointing” performance in the European elections, party leader and former Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced.

The Five Star Movement came in a distant third in Italy, where it received about 10.5% of the vote, down from more than 15% in the 2022 general election.

Conte said, “Of course, we will begin internal thinking to try to delve deeper into the reasons for this result, which was not what we expected.”

The former prime minister stressed that he could “guarantee all voters who voted” for his party that “its nine or ten members of the European Parliament will be consistent with the commitments made during the election campaign.”

“Therefore, they will be peacebuilders, fighting at all levels against austerity, and advancing our fights against corruption and for a greener, more social and inclusive Europe,” he added.

For Conte, the Five Star Movement will intensify dialogue with “progressive” parties, including the center-left opposition Democratic Party, in order to “offer an alternative to this situation” and “this government.” .

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