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Italy makes covid vaccination mandatory for more than 50 years |  Globalism

Italy makes covid vaccination mandatory for more than 50 years | Globalism

Cabinet Italia On Wednesday (5), it unanimously passed a decree making a new law making vaccination against Covid-19 mandatory in the country for people over 50 years old.

According to the Italian news agency, which signed the draft decree, the measure “protects public health and maintains safe conditions for care and assistance services.”

The commitment should take effect until June 15, according to the document. Persons found unable to vaccinate will be exempted from this obligation.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s government has made vaccination mandatory for teachers and health professionals since October last year.

The decision is made on the same day Italia It has set a record for new cases of Covid-19, with 189,109 cases, according to the Italian Ministry of Health. Within 24 hours there were 231 deaths.

a Italia – One of the epicenters of the epidemic – 138,276 deaths from coronaviruses have been recorded since February 2020. As of Wednesday, there were 6.76 million confirmed cases.

In Europe, Austria has announced plans to make vaccination mandatory for people over the age of 14 from next month, while in Greece vaccination will be mandatory for over 60s from January 16.

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