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It will be possible to set the "Last Seen" by WhatsApp Web;  understand

It will be possible to set the “Last Seen” by WhatsApp Web; understand

WhatsApp’s privacy terms are usually questioned by its users. Many, for example, would like the app to offer the option not to show that you are online. Now, after the update, it will be possible Set or “Last Seen” not WhatsApp Web.

The option is available in the beta version of WhatsApp Web, which was released last Saturday 20 November 2021. The change can be made directly on the computer. Grandma, however, It has not yet been released to all users..

How to set or “last seen” hair on WhatsApp Web?

The novelty was released by version 2.2146.5 of the WhatsApp Web beta. Through it, users have to access the privacy option to change their “last seen”. In addition, on WhatsApp Web, the user will be able to modify the privacy of those who can view their photos.

Remember that the options are already available on Android and iPhone (iOS) cell phones. Thus the grandmother refers to the messenger for computers.

Thus, the new definitions are almost the same that can be made in the application available on the cell phone, check:

  • privacy “profile photo”: there will be the possibility to choose whether no one can see the photo, only contacts or everyone;
  • Privacy “last seen”, “note” and “status”: can be made available to specific people, as well as deactivate read confirmation;
  • In group privacy option: You can choose who can add your number in group chats;
  • The blocked contacts are in the new privacy menu.

This news mainly affects users who use the . extension WhatsApp accounts To undertake, you need to use the application on the computer.

It is also worth noting that in terms of privacy, the “recently seen” mods have also been enhanced. As of this change, users will only be able to hide this information from specific people.

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