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It will be messy!  Research says that cat owners are smarter

It will be messy! Research says that cat owners are smarter

Research conducted in 2017 by University of Florida professors Carroll and Marquette suggests that cat owners are smarter. The study looked at the relationship between a preference for dogs or cats and participants’ cognitive performance.

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The results indicated that those who preferred cats had better logical reasoning skills and greater problem-solving skills.

In the group, people showed their love for dogs the most

The study included 418 students, of whom 352 were dog lovers and only 66 were cat lovers. The sample was randomly selected and all participants took a standard intelligence test, the Raven Progressive Matrices Test, which measures logical thinking ability and problem-solving skills while taking into account general knowledge.

Those who love cats have a great chance of being smart.

The results of the research indicated that the students who preferred cats performed better on the logical reasoning test. Although the difference wasn’t very large, the study suggests that preference for kittens is related to performance on tests. So, if you like cats, you may have a better chance of doing well in your studies.

Introversion and independence: do you like your cat?

In addition, the study also analyzed the personality of the participants in order to better understand the differences between those who prefer dogs and those who prefer cats. It was found that cat owners tend to be more introverted, lonely, and more sensitive to stressful situations. In this sense, they show a sense of independence and are observant.

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Dog owners also have special qualities.

On the other hand, dog handlers tend to be more outgoing and sociable and seek outdoor activities. The research concluded that a preference for dogs or cats may be related not only to cognitive performance, but also to an individual’s personality. However, every person should value their pet’s company, and share the good times with them.