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“It went badly”: the huge tiger was almost run over and angry at the riders of a motorcycle

A tiger left two men on a motorbike completely panicked as it suddenly crossed a street in India. In the photographs, it is possible to notice the animal on the road when the motorcycle at high speed brakes sharply, drawing unwanted attention from the predator.

Tigre was crossing the street when he was surprised by the motorbike – Photo: YouTube/Reproduction/ND

Even without a definitive “end” seen in the video, it’s possible to imagine an angry super-predator coming toward you isn’t a pleasant thing to do.

Whoever comments on this frightening encounter is Channel “Biologist Henrik, the Biologist of Snakes” Which explained a little bit about the behavior of the animal shown in the pictures.

The tiger could have easily killed the two men

The biologist explains that it is possible to clearly notice that the tiger was very uncomfortable in confrontation due to the signs that his body showed.

“The little ear back, the cat mustache and the sinister face he made at the beginning of the video. Obviously, he was going to be bad in there.”

Although, according to the specialist, this does not necessarily mean that men will devour, but he did issue a warning: “Not only will he be kicked in there, he will be bitten, and if you grab him in the neck it will be a crack!”, Henrik explains.

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