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“It pisses you off,” says Rinaldo Janicini, when he talks about fluid sexuality

for years, Rinaldo Giancini He decided to keep quiet about his sexual orientation and rumors popped up at every turn. But, after being assumed to be a sexually fluid person, the celebrity is still a target of controversy and criticism.

With the performance of the play “A Herança”, in São Paulo, the lover commented on working with Bruno Fagundes, with whom he lives a love story in the theater, and also on the comments he has received since 2019, when he stated to the press that he had romantic relationships with men and women, but they They don’t like to name themselves.

“Fluidity disturbs people, because we live in a very repressed country, and when you are repressed, the sexuality of others causes shivering. The freedom of the other moves you,” said the famous man, who was once married to journalist Marilia Gabriela.

Rinaldo Gianchini also commented that he became the target of gossip when he switched from modeling to television and the stage: “I read in the press more false than true gossip about my private life. It bothered me so much, I even felt physical sensations, I felt chills and a heaviness on the back of my neck, as If something was oppressing me.”

According to Gianecchini, who has also appeared in reruns on Globo and on the closed channel Viva, freedom is not only in his private life, but also in his career. For this reason, in 2020, the actor terminated his fixed contract with Radio Rio de Janeiro and decided to look for new formats and types of characters.

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“It’s been 22 years of making TV series, and working all year round is crazy. I’ve never been asked to do a series. I want new possibilities,” said the actor, who also signed a contract with streaming platforms.

More about the play in São Paulo

In “A Herança”, Bruno Fagundes and Reynaldo Gianecchini act alongside other actors, who appear throughout the play, which depicts different generations of the gay community in the United States reflecting on the legacy of each one of them.

In the plot, a group of young writers decide to tell their own story, based on the novel Howards End, by gay British author E. M. Forster, in which the narrators are also characters.

Shown at Teatro Vivo, this is the first version of the international play, which premiered in 2018 in London, Brazil. Before arriving in the country, she won four Tony Awards and went to Broadway in 2019.

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