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“It has now been confirmed”; Pedro’s update on the second game of Recopa’s “leaks” from Flamengo’s backstage

a Flamingo About to make a tough game series next week. This is because the team led by Vitor Pereira faces Botafogo in a derby at the end of the week and then, on Tuesday (27), it will already play the second match of the Recopa Sudamericana final against Independiente del Valle.

After losing the first leg 1-0, Fla needs to come back to win the title as well as trust in the work of VP, who, even with the support of the board of directors, doesn’t do well in the stands. With that in mind, after leaving the game hurt from the last game, striker Pedro has become a concern in Robro Negro.

However, that concern has been lessened by this Thursday’s update (23), as it has now been confirmed by newspaper O Dia who reported that despite it being a confirmed misappropriation of the classic game against Botafogo, Pedro should have no problems with the second game of the decision and will be on the field helping Fla.

Flamengo has reassessed Pedro and is not a concern for Recopa’s second game, Tuesday, against Independiente del Valle. However, the striker is out of the classics on Saturday against Botafogo”, says the O Dia portal. With this, the VP must change the club’s attack for the first time in the season to the classic one.

Flamingo gets the role and title?

Flamingo gets the role and title?

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Despite the poor result against Del Valle, the feeling behind the scenes at Flamengo is one of confidence in the turnaround at home with the support of their fans. for a team the size of florida, Losing a third title in a short period of time would definitely “shake” the structures.

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