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“It did not pass, it must be said”; Rodrigo Cayo celebrates his Carioca semi-final victory and sends a message to his Flamengo teammates


Robro Negro beat Vasco 3-2 in the first leg

Photo: Alan Carvalho/AGIF – Rodrigo Caio is one of Flamengo’s captains

In a very crowded game, with the right to score great goals and two red cards (Matheus Gonçalves and Marinho), a Flamingo Vasco da Gama, in turn, won 3-2 and took the lead in the semi-finals of the Campeonato Carioca. Uruguay’s Arascaita, Pedro and Fabricio Bruno each scored for Mis Querredo, while Gabriel Beck and Alex Teixeira scored for Cruz Malteno.

Rubro Negro Carioca’s victory came at a time when the team was under severe pressure after losing four competitions: Supercopa do Brasil, Mundial de Clubes, Recopa Sudamericana and Taca Guanabara. Therefore, the players celebrated the victory in a big way. One of the cast leaders highlighted the group’s strength and esprit de corps at this time.

Defender Rodrigo Caio, who recently returned after a long injury, was keen to celebrate Malvadao’s victory over his biggest rival, and at the same time, he sent a message to his teammates via his personal Twitter account: “Great effort and dedication from everyone, this is the way. We continue to develop.”He said the number 3 shirt was published for Carioca Club.

Photo: Jorge Rodriguez/AGIVE – Flamengo beat Vasco in Game 1 of their state semi-final.

now, To go to the decision, the still-eligible Flamengo could equalize. However, if it loses to its rival on goal difference, Vasco will be the finalist of the Carioca tournament, because it saw Mengão edge out in the Guanabara Cup. The match will take place next Sunday (19), at 6 pm (Brasilia time), in Maracanã.

Who will go to the carioca championship decision?

Who will go to the carioca championship decision?

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