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From cyber attacks to UkraineFrom interference in the 2016 election to the imprisonment of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, the litigation between them United State e Russia It’s broad, and no one expected it to drop dramatically with Wednesday’s meeting in Geneva between the two countries’ presidents, the first since the leadership change in the White House. But both managed to get the image they were hoping for, analyzes journalist Goga Chakra, Globo’s New York correspondent. Focusing mainly on the domestic audience, the Americans claim to have issued “warnings” to the Russians, who in turn benefit from the mere recognition of their strategic position on the world stage. In this episode, Guga reviews the main obstacles to the duo’s agenda and also talks about the “hidden topic” at the top: China, whose rise explains all American moves, whether to reconnect with European allies or to avoid escalating tensions with Russia.

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Podcast O Subject has been produced by: Mônica Mariotti, Isabel Seta, Glauco Araújo, Luiz Felipe Silva, Thiago Kaczuroski and Giovanni Reginato. Gabriel de Campos and Ana Flávia Paula collaborated on this episode. Presentation: Renata Le Pretty.

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