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Isakias Queiroz proves favoritism and wins gold in rowing - 06/08/2021

Isakias Queiroz proves favoritism and wins gold in rowing – 06/08/2021

Isaquias Quiroz didn’t give room for the zebra in the C1 1.000m, a testament to their paddling speed. A favourite, he showed why he is considered the best in the sport and won the gold medal on Friday (6), in Tokyo. Such was the feat that the triumphant biography of an athlete who has everything to become the most-medal-winning Brazilian at the next Olympics, in Paris, 2024 – Turpin Grill and Robert Scheidet added up to five and topped the standings.

He came in first with a time of 4: 04.408. The silver went to China’s Hao Liu with 4: 05724. In the end, the bronze fell to Moldovan Sergei Tarnovci with 4: 06.069.

This is Brazil’s fifth gold medal in Tokyo. Before Italo Ferreira, in surfing, Rebecca Andrade, in gymnastics, Martin Grill and Kahina Konzi, in sailing, and Ana Marcella, in the water marathon, had already taken the top of the podium.

Isaquias was fourth in the first meters, but he actually jumped to third to close out the initial 250 meters. In the second round, the Brazilian took over as deputy driving, and strengthened in the race. From the middle of the race, the Brazilian shot came out on top in the 750 metres. The advantage only increased, guaranteeing more than the gold owed.

After finishing fourth in the C2 1000m and thus missing the chance to take two medals in Tokyo, Isaquias got into the water. He wanted to prove that he was the best in the world at rowing and that no one would take away his dream of gold.

In the round of 16, he raced easily, and when he saw himself minimally threatened, he sped up and won breaks, going straight to the semi-finals. This Friday (6) new round. Without giving any chance to his opponents, he led the semi-finals and sent a message to his opponents.

frustration in pairs

Isaac has a two-headed when it comes to athletic results. There is winning a medal, not winning a medal. Which is why fourth place tasted like last for him, who knew he wasn’t a gold medal favorite in the doubles event, but was sure he’d sort things out in the water, as he always did.

Devastated by the previous score, Isaquias left the channel crying a lot on Tuesday. But by the next day, he had already rebounded. In the meantime, follow through on social media the feelings of the fans.

There were more than 40,000 comments [no Instagram]. A message of support, “Warrior,” no hate. all supportive. This gave more joy. But when I got to the room I realized the room wasn’t bad. Not because Jackie is young, our opponent was better than us. We have done what we can. We finished fourth and I knew it wasn’t bad, but I wanted the medal.”

The gold medal dream took a while, had a bit of drama with the doubles suffering, but he finally settled in where the country has been waiting: Izekias’ chest.