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Is this you?  TV news

Is this you? TV news

Eliezer Netto Participants left from BBB 22 I was shocked to show pictures that were in the leader’s room in the early hours of Monday (11). As usual, the businessman took the frames to the camera that connects to the living room of the house and began to introduce the people in the pictures. Register the new VIP before face lift It caught the attention of the guests. “Is this you?” Natalia Deodato was amazed.

Wow Eli! You without a beard are completely different‘Giselan Alves commented.’ Much! look at this [foto] Here,” the nail designer endorsed. The two were with him in the commander’s room.

Then the other five participants appeared on the room’s camera. “Dad, grandmother…that’s me,” Ellie began, showing the family to the rest of the inmates across the screen.

no! No it is not!‘ cried Douglas Silva, without being able to recognize Fluminense. Lies, it’s impossible for me to be him ”, released Paulo Andre Camilo. Pedro Scobe and Gustavo Marcingo laughed and agreed with their friends.

Eliezer introduced “This is my sister.” “Your sister is beautiful,” said the man from Parana. “You will lose my Ace fans [Caldas]”, joked the representative of City of God (2002).

Before entering BBB 22, the businessman underwent a face matching and exchanged about 14 thousand Brazilian reals. It has changed so much that on dating apps, Accused of using someone else’s photos.

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