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Is shopping at Americana safe? Procon do ES guides consumers

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Americana will maintain and operate the sales site even in the event of judicial recovery

After discovering a millionaire’s accounting hole, he rises The Americans You have come into the limelight (and the fears) of customers who are wondering if it is still safe to shop, especially on your website. There are complaints on social networks about delays and there are doubts whether they will receive purchases on time.

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This Thursday (19), company Formalizing a judicial request for the recovery of said debts in the amount of R$43 billion out of a total of approximately 16,300 creditors.

the Procon do Espirito Santo Clients are informed that the company, even at this point, must live up to its responsibilities. Procon-ES CEO Ruggero Atide explained that the judicial recovery process does not interfere with customer service, which continues to uphold its rights.

“The company must take measures in order to preserve the rights of consumers during this judicial recovery process, and maintain punctuality and effective sales and consumer service.”Athaid added.

Thus, the company needs to fulfill its obligations as a retailer: to deliver items on time, in good condition, and as advertised.

In the case of Americana, Procon’s recommendations are the same for those who shop online. The consumer must keep all purchase data, such as the name of the website, the items purchased, the amount paid, the method of payment and purchase, or the order protocol number.

You must also retain, electronically or even in hard copy, the Order Confirmation and emails exchanged with the Supplier evidencing the purchase and its terms.

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However, you should be careful, and take the usual precautions: check delivery time and purchase history with screenshots. This situation changes if the company begins non-compliance with the agreement, such as being late or not communicating with customers.

In the event of a withdrawal, according to the Consumer Protection Act (CDC), the customer has up to seven days to withdraw from the date of purchase from the date the product was purchased.

CDC Section 49 makes it clear that a consumer can give away a purchase made on a company’s website or over the phone. Not applicable if purchased in a physical store.

In the event of problems, Athayde points out, the consumer can register a complaint through the electronic service, which is available on the procon.es.gov.br website or in person, at the main office, by appointment via the website’s agenda. R.

Americana says the chain of stores and sales on the site are ongoing

In pursuit of this, Americana has ensured that, even in the event of judicial recovery, operations will continue in physical stores and at the sales location. See the full note:

Americanas SA reports that it filed its application for judicial reorganization today in the Fourth Corporate Court in Rio de Janeiro. In consideration of the company’s judicial reorganization order, Americanas Management announces that it will continue to operate normally within the new judicial reorganization rules, one of whose primary goals is to preserve jobs, pay taxes, and maintain a good relationship with its employees. suppliers, creditors and investors in general.
To this end, the Company’s group of reference shareholders has informed the Chairman of the Board that it intends to maintain the Company’s liquidity at levels that will allow for the proper operation of all stores, its digital channel, Americanas.com, AME and its affiliates.
Through this announcement, we request the involvement of all employees in this new phase, especially suppliers with whom we have historical relations. Americana’s history continues with determination toward a new phase, with a commitment to the community and a willingness to build solutions that may serve the company’s creditors.

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