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Is it still possible to arrest Margarida Bonetti?  The US Embassy is talking about the case

Is it still possible to arrest Margarida Bonetti? The US Embassy is talking about the case

podcast “The Woman in the Abandoned House” It has become a topic in recent months for a story that includes Margarida Bonetti and her ex-husband Rene.

journalist Chico Feletti She listed the crimes she committed against a maid she kept in the United States Conditions similar to slavery.

The woman passed 20 years in the business At the home of the former spouses, they were also beaten by both of them. Is he there I managed to escape After helping a neighbor, he was supported in a shelter.

renee gold He was sentenced to six years in prison in prison while Daisy escaped to Brazil and took refuge in the palace in Higienópolis.

“Wonderful” tells the details of the investigation

According to a report by “Fantástico” broadcast on Sunday (7), in 2000, The TV Globo team realized this Daisy was hiding In the abandoned house.

In April, the US Embassy asked extradition from the woman. in 2003, A judge said that There was no answer of the Americans and asked for help from the Department of Justice.


A ministry official said at the time: “The US Department of Justice Not broadcast yet required information “.

The police tried to locate Margarida, but were unsuccessful. in 2005, Delegate’s request Indirect indictment.

but one The promoter did not accept He asked to close the case, and was soon accepted. On a note Fantástico had access to, the justification was:

“No evidence has been obtained of Margarida entering Brazil. It was never found in the country. This suspicion alone is not sufficient to permit a criminal act.”

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The report from the US Embassy sought to learn more about the investigation, but They stated that the issue had been resolved and that they would not be commented.

That is, it is very likely that the criminal action has already taken place provided, or provided for, in the country. Although it is too early to say, the The probability of Margarida being arrested is low.

Sao Paulo Police open an investigation For complaints of abandonment of impotence. According to Margarida’s lawyer, she does not have mental problems and has not been abandoned.

Margarida Bonetti’s story and her “abandoned house” have repercussions due to a podcast by Folha de S. Paulo – PHOTO: play video
The moment when Margarida Bonetti took the dog from the hands of Louisa Mill – Photo: clone/Instagram/@louisamil