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Is it possible to 'revive' mammoths to fight climate change?

Is it possible to ‘revive’ mammoths to fight climate change?

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Woolly mammoths became extinct thousands of years ago, but with genetic engineering technology in the 21st century, scientists want to bring them back to Earth.

Woolly mammoths could return to life on Earth, if they counted on a group of scientists and entrepreneurs who had already received US$15 million (about R$78 million) from sponsors for this.

The amount allocated to Colossal will help develop genetic engineering techniques that will be able to create a hybrid of mammoth with an Asian elephant, getting as close as possible to the mammoths that once inhabited the planet. After achieving this goal, the next step will be to populate parts of Siberia with these animals, in search of ecological rebalancing.

“It’s going to make a huge difference in the world,” said famous biologist George Church, from Harvard Medical School in the United States, in an interview with the American newspaper The New York Times.

Over the past eight years, Church has spent much of his time running the project along with other enthusiasts of the idea. The starting point for the work will be genetic material from the remains of a frozen mammoth that died thousands of years ago.